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Board certified dermatologists perform or supervise all procedures
Follow FDA, specialty and industry safe practice guidelines on sterility and safety

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Most procedures are priced to be affordable.
Appointments for consultation and treatment are available with minimal waiting time.
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Expertise in dyschromia in skin of color –

We employ procedures that are in the forefront of the dyschromia treatment using state of the art laser, medication, and treatment methods that are more frequently used in Europe, South America, and Far East. All of our treatments are based on published scientific papers on the subject in peer reviewed medical journals. We have had great successes treating various types of dyschromia such as melasma, hyperpigmentation due to burns, laser procedures, or chemical peels, dark acne scars and many types of birth marks. Please enjoy our before and after photos.

Expertise in acne –

We offer multipronged approaches to patients who want to go beyond traditional standard medical treatments for acne. We can treat acne without using any systemic oral medications that may have significant side effects. We employ photodynamic therapy, pulsed dye laser, intense pulsed light, blue light, superficial and medium depth chemical peels, and other laser modalities and traditional aesthetic techniques to treat acne.
We also provide aggressive medical treatments including the use of oral antibiotics, hormone modulation and isotretinoin (Accutane) for patients who want a traditional approach. Adjunctive therapy to traditional approach enhances the result of standard approach. There are several adjunctive regimens we offer that work synergistically with the traditional treatments.

Expertise in acne scars –

Our dermatologists have decades of experience in treating various types of acne scars. We have, at our disposal, multiple lasers and other medical devices to use for different types of scars. The combination of extensive clinical experience and availability of advanced lasers and tools at our disposal allow us to treat most severe acne scars aggressively.

Expertise in hair loss –

We provide a full range of hair loss treatments for male and female pattern hair loss. For appropriate candidates, we make available both medical treatments and surgical correction. In addition, we also employ experimental procedures, such as platelet rich plasma injection, red light treatment, and non-ablative fractional laser treatment that have shown significant promise and efficacy. Our surgical correction method is state of the art follicular unit extraction and implantation.

Expertise in Botox and fillers –

Proper injections of Botox and fillers require intimate knowledge of human anatomy and function of various anatomic structures to minimize side effects and achieve optimal results. They also require fastidious sterile techniques and clean environment to minimize potential infections that may result from unsafe practices. Dermatologists are best positioned to provide aesthetic services using fillers and Botox because they are trained extensively during residency and, by the nature of the specialty, deal with aesthetics every day. Be aware of non-physician providers or non-medical practitioners who may offer the same services at lower prices. They are not likely to correct problems when things go wrong.

Expertise in non-invasive body contouring –

We provide safe and effective body contouring without potential side effects of invasive surgical procedure such as liposuction. You just have to drink lots of water and take a nap for 20 minutes every week for six weeks for each treatable problem area.

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Partial summary of services

Botox, Dysport

Worry lines of glabella
Forehead frown
Crow’s feet
Bunny nose
Chemical eyebrow elevation
Upper lip wrinkles
Lip corner smile
Neck bands
Prominent chin
Calf reduction
Excessive under arm, palm and feet sweating

Fillers – Juvaderm, Restylane, Voluma, Radiesse, Sculptra

Naso-labial folds
Upper and lower lips
Cheek bones
Lower eyelids
Marionette lines

Facial sagging/wrinkle treatment

Ultrasound assisted skin tightening (Ultherapy)
Radiofrequency assisted skin tightening (Thermage)
Ablative fractional resurfacing with a CO2 laser
Skin tightening with Erbium Glass laser
Ultrasound assisted Vaser skin tightening
Nonablative fractional laser skin tightening (MOSAIC)
Long pulsed Nd/YAG laser (Gentle YAG)
1319 nm laser

Melasma/dyschromia treatment

Laser toning
Vitamin C iontophoresis
Fractional resurfacing

Acne treatment without systemic medications

Photodynamic therapy
Pulse dye laser
Blue light
Manual and laser assisted extraction
Superficial and medium depth chemical peels

Acne scar treatment

Pulse dye laser
Laser toning
Fractional ablative resurfacing
Fractional nonablative treatment
Resurfacing with erbium YAG laser
Filler injection
Punch grafting

Other Treatment

Mole, keratosis, freckle treatment
Tattoo removal
Laser hair removal – especially safe for skin of color patients
Telangiectasia treatment
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) treatment for skin rejuvenation and hair loss
Body contouring with noninvasive RF device
Face and neck contouring with ultrasound assisted liposuction and laser assisted skin tightening

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Radio frequency assisted skin rejuvenation system (Thermage)
Ultrasound assisted skin rejuvenation system (Ultherapy)
Radio frequency assisted body contouring system (Vanquish)
Fractional CO2 laser (eCO2)
Q-switched Nd/YAG laser (Spectra)
Long pulse Nd/YAG laser (Gentle YAG)
Pulsed dye laser (Vbeam, Vbeam Perfecta)
IPL (Ellipse)/BBL (Sciton)
1444 nm micropulse Nd/YAG laser (MOSAIC)
Third generation ultrasound assisted liposuction (Vaser)
Erbium YAG laser (Sciton Profile)
Erbium Glass laser (Accusculpt)
1550 nm erbium glass laser (Mosaic)
LED red light
LED blue light
830 nm LED phototherapy system (Healite)
Excimer laser (Xtract, Pharos)
1319 nm laser (Thermascan)

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